Summary rotterdam workshop march 29-30, 2021

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In a two-day fully online workshop, policies and practice were assessed for their suitability to cope with the social, economic and ethical challenges of the digital transformation through AI and Big Data. The workshop comprised keynote lectures by prominent academicians and politicians as prof. Luciano Floridi (Oxford), prof. Ryan Abbott (Surrey), Axel Voss (MEP) and prof. Ina Ebert (MunichRE). Topics they presented regarded Ethical Auditing of AI, AI and property issues and The impact of AI on the insurance industry. The workshop was complemented by the presentation of a study on AI modeling for regulators by dr. Ayelet Sela and dr. Alon Singer (Bar-Ilan University), as well as a PhD master class and an industry roundtable with presentations by Julie Chauvet (Director EU Public Affairs, Novartis), Elizabeth Crossick (Head of Government Affairs – EU, RELX), Prof. Bibi van der Berg (University of Leiden), Jan-Willem Scheijgrond (Vice-President, Global and Public Affairs, Royal Philips) and Daniel Schönberger (Head of Legal Switzerland & Austria, Google Switzerland). The two days were attended by a global audience of academics, public administrators and business representatives and gave the participants a great opportunity to broaden their networks and to learn about cut-edge theorizing and policy making in the realm of Ethical AI. The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence thanks all contributors and looks forward to future collaborations!

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