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Digov conference 2022: Competition lay and beyond

Digov Conference 2022: 

Competition law and beyond: Efficient digital markets through privacy, taxation, and consumer protection. 30 September 2022.


MOOC teaser

MOOC teaser: 



Kick-Off Conference: The Roundabouts of Digital Governance

The Roundabouts of Digital Governance

Opening keynote lecture ‘Judicial Tech’
Speaker: Christoph Engel 

The scope of proper digital government: Fading intrajurisdictional boundaries between public and private governance?

Panel 1: New technologies and their disruptive impact on economic integration
Speakers: Klaus Heine (EUR) and Wouter Verheyen (University of Antwerp)

Panel 2: E-government – liquid democracy and tight administration
Speakers: Oren Perez (BIU) and Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov (BIU)

Panel 3: Teaching digital governance – blending the digital curriculum
Speakers: Farshida Zafar (EUR) and Kris Stabel (EUR)


Data on the flight: Is there still a jurisdiction for the digital?

Panel 4: Digital Platforms: Competition and Regulators
Speakers: Pinar Akman (UL) and Ayelet Sela (BIU)

Panel 5: Data all over the place; but who is responsible?
Speakers: Evert Stamhuis (EUR) and Freek Bomhof (TNO)

Roundtable Mapping digital governance – Intra and cross jurisdictional challenges for law and policy making in the EU and beyond
Speakers: Sara Kemppainen (I4ADA), Anna Keuning (ESL), Patrick Spigt (Haarlem Municipality), Christoph Steck (Telefónica), Bart Vrancken (De Volksbank), Hub Zwart (ESPhil) – moderated by Gerrit Schipper (ECDA) 

Wrapping up
Speakers: Klaus Heine and Evert Stamhuis