Reply to Consultation Commission White Paper on AI – A European approach

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On 11 June Klaus Heine and Evert Stamhuis wrote a reply to the Consultation Commission White Paper on Articificial Intelligence – A European approach.

The White Paper addresses a number of highly important issues regarding the upcoming digital technology, that uses AI in its various forms of appearance. The Commission and Council would be right in taking its own strong position in the global discourse. In that way Commission and Council give strategic guidance for the European economy and at the same time display to European citizens that the Union stands up to protect the values that represent our common European perceptions of a good life.
In this reply we limit ourselves to comments on three issues, in which we partly endorse the approach the Commission advocates and give guidance regarding the follow-up. Firstly, we address and support the sectoral approach and comment on the proposal for a governance/enforcement structure. Secondly, we proceed to deal with liability issues, where we point at the challenges to overcome in the era of New Technologies. Thirdly, we put the human centeredness of AI systems as building block for the ecosystem of trust to the test, thus demonstrating how a contextual approach leads to the best possible results.

For the full text: 1106 Reply to Consultation White Paper

For more information and the Consultation Results: EC Website.

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