Erasmus+ KA107 grant awarded

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Once more, an Erasmus+ KA107 mobility grant has been awarded to Erasmus School of Law (Klaus Heine) and Bar-Ilan University (Oren Perez).

The grant builds on the Erasmus+ grant awarded in 2018 and enhances further educational and research excellence between Erasmus School of Law and the Faculty of Law of Bar-Ilan University in Israel. The preparation of the grant application has been supported by the EUR International Office and Marianne Breijer (Erasmus School of Law).

The grant allows continuation of student and staff mobility to and from the law faculty of Bar-Ilan University for another two years. The student mobility includes Bachelor, Master and PhD students. Staff mobility is for both teaching as well as training activities and is open to all academic levels plus non-academic staff. For Erasmus School of Law, the continuation of the staff and student exchange programme with Bar-Ilan anchors and broadens the cooperation and intends to provide a basis for increased exchanges with this important educational hub in the Middle East in the future.

Future opportunities

The new Erasmus programme is expected to start in 2021. Like under the current Erasmus+ there will be a new call for mobility grants for staff and students between universities within the EU and universities in partner countries (all countries outside of the EU). In the current program the call is published around November and the deadline for submitting proposals is usually in the beginning of February. The expectation is that under the new Erasmus program this timeline will be similar. The aim of the action is to extend the well-known Erasmus mobility of individuals between programme countries to other regions across the globe.


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