DIGOV dissemination activity to international audience during Science|Business webinar

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Senior fellow Prof. dr. Evert Stamhuis LLM presented research outcomes about the emergent EU liability regime for AI in a panel webinar organized by Science|Business on Feb 25, 2021. He critically analyzed the contribution of the European Parliament as laid down in the resolution of Oct 20, 2020. In Stamhuis’ assessment, the EP proposal lacks clear guidance for conflict resolution and puts the deterrent effect insufficiently on the actors with control. Moreover, the proposed liability distribution may extract a chill response in high risk sectors, leading to the conclusion the it discourages risk taking behavior necessary for innovative AI development and deployment. Science|Business shared the results of the webinar in a news article by David Pringle on https://sciencebusiness.net/data-rules/news/ai-calls-new-blame-game.

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