Artificial Intelligence & Human rights: Friend or foe?

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On October 28th the hybrid workshop Artificial Intelligence & Human rights: Friend of foe? Took place at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The workshop was organized by prof. Dr. Jeroen Temperman and Dr. Alberto Quintavalla and is part of a large project concerning interaction between human rights and AI. The project is made possible by the Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research and the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Digital Governance.

The workshop was opened by Klaus Heine, Professor of Legal Economics at Erasmus School of Law, with a presentation on The Challenges of AI for Human Rights Research. Afterwards, Evert Stamhuis, professor of Law and Innovation at Erasmus School of Law, presented his current research, Transnationality and Locality in AI Ethics, and chaired a panel. Masuma Shahid, assistant professor and PhD candidate in LGBTQ+ Law at Erasmus School of Law, gave a presentation on Queering AI: How the use of queer theory could lead to more inclusivity and diversity in AI for the LGBTQ+ community. Kostina Prifti and Esra Demir, both active as PhD researchers at Erasmus School of Law, were active participants of the workshop.

The workshop was a great success and resulted in valuable insights on the future relationship between AI and human rights and the legal and economic foundations to be considered in high-tech development.

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